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Custom cakes and pastries made to order.

Holiday Specials

Thank you for letting us help you celebrate the holidays with our desserts ~ We have delicious treats available for you - and if you must share, friends & family!!

Ruldolf Cake ($50):

Ruldolf Cake ($50):

Bring Rudolf home to help you celebrate! Serves 10.

All decoration is made from delicious modeling chocolate and includes the following choices of cake:

Chocolate, Vanilla or Marble

Browned Butter Cookies ($18/dozen OR Sandwiches for $27/dozen):

Browned Butter Cookies ($18/dozen OR Sandwiches for $27/dozen):

Indulge yourself (and only share if they catch you!)

One dozen browned butter chocolate chip cookies with flake sea salt.

I promise eyou’ll

Holiday Macarons $25/dozen

Holiday Macarons $25/dozen

Introducing Macaron Holiday “Drinks” – Get your favorite holiday beverage in bitesize!  

~ Apple Cider

~ Peppermint Cocoa

~ Chai Eggnog

~ Wassail (Mulled wine!)

~ Gingerbread Creme

~ Hot Buttered Rum

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